The Brief
Design and host a website to showcase my videography and media production skills for friends and clients. 

The Process

I started with developing a full cinematic sequence for my website masthead, which involved taking various shots with my camera equipment and applying various edits and color grades. I then proceeded with the standard product development process: Research, sketches, user personas, journeys and low/high-fidelity wireframes.

I then proceeded to make an Atomic Component library on Adobe XD and made a website prototype for mobile and web at various breakpoints. 

After completing the design process, I worked with a web developer, and after various iterations, we hosted the completed site, which I currently maintain and update using GitHub/VScode. 

The studio website is now live and can be viewed via the links below.

The Outcome 

1x Studio branding document. 
1x Fully prototyped Adobe XD file with Atomic Components.
1x 2 Min. Cinematic Teaser
1x Set of business cards.
1x Instagram Page - @studiosunlightdesign 
1x Website -
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