A few words about myself

Design is a very useful skill. With unparalleled flexibility, designers will be able to take on many roles and have the tools to empower businesses and individuals with the visuals to back their ideas up. Useful for both self-directed projects and large-scale business operations, a skilled graphic designer can choose to work on a large variety of projects, from helping individuals to large corporations. 
Because of the unpredictable nature of life (at least, in my case) I feel it really helps to be authentic to your own message. What's your favourite typeface? What colours do you use, and what does your style look like? How do you connect to different people, and what role do you take in the workplace? Answering these questions for your own good seems to indirectly affect the field you end up working in. 

And in many fields I like to work. From product UX/UI to visual design and Media Production, I like to take care of the entirety of the creative process, from the initial planning stages to product launch strategies. Fueled by my love for this profession, I spend long hours ensuring the craft produced is to the best of my ability. I care deeply about all aspects of my projects and rely heavily on visual empathy when working on the deliverables. Because of my particularly demanding work ethos, I am giving it my all to become a proficient Designer capable of covering every angle of a project while working effectively with other professionals.

With an international background and a strong interest in technology from an early age, I learned to effectively navigate both the tools of the craft and my relationship with the public and other professionals. Looking forward, I hope to be able to use my skills to support the next idea I believe in and want to represent.

Contact Details

Alex Ponziani

+44 7507 250450


Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Bachelor of Design with Honours in Graphic Design and Illustration 

Examination results: with first-class honours. 

Northern Regional College, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland
BTEC Diploma in Creative Media Production

Examination results: 10 project Distinctions, 4 merits and 5 passes. 

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