The Company
Camlin is an engineering firm based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Camlin is at the forefront of the R&D of products that aim to prevent electrical faults and save lives in the energy and railway industry. 

My Role

At Camlin, my skills as a creative were employed to their fullest extent. Hired as a Graphic Designer, I was asked to work on all sorts of creative projects, from simple social media graphics, all the way to shooting and editing interviews, website design, the production of printed material, and more.

I have produced all sorts of work at Camlin, with sections such as the "Careers" part of our website standing out the most. In the linked-below page, you will see examples of my input in the company quite clearly: From a redesigned UX/UI Experience to traditional and drone videography, photography I took at various events, and more.
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